The Bader Mission.

Bader - An innovation company with purpose! On a mission to impact and enhance humanity's natural state of being. We aim to bring innovative products and lifestyle enhancement tools into the homes, offices and lives of every human being, making optimal health and wellbeing accessible to all.

As we are an innovation company first, we want to go beyond the supplements, quick fixes & health hacks, when it comes to enhancing health & wellbeing. We aim to build a community of people who want more from their health & wellness journey.



We're building a community of people who want more from their health and wellness journey.


We lead from the heart and let our authenticity speak for itself.


We are here to change the way things are done and aren’t afraid to do things differently.


We think big and play big

Four States Of Being

Our four States of Being represents all aspects of our Journey through life , Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual.

Bader is here to create products to the highest calibre so you can optimally reach peak states in all four quadrants whatever you are doing. No more playing small, experience what it is like to constantly grow in all aspects of your life and feel what it really means to live.

Join Our 28 Day State Change Program: Enhance Your State.

Were you will learn and implement tools into your life, that over time, help you discover what your essence is, will allow you to create the person you want to become, the ability to live wholly with ease, be less reactive, more responsive and enhance your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Energetic States of Being. Subscribe To Our Supplements and Gain Free Access.

It Is Our Mission To Enhance Humanity's Natural State of Being. A Mission Bader Take's Very Seriously.

Founder's Message

Welcome to Bader, a company founded by two brothers, Mike Wilson and Ryan Bennett, who have come together through a shared journey of spiritual growth, health enhancement and self-discovery.

We believe that true success in life is not just about material gain, but about making a impact enhancing the spiritual and overall wellbeing of others. We are constantly evolving and re-inventing ourselves, and we are excited to share our spiritual vision and purpose with the world through our products and services designed to promote holistic wellbeing.