Bader Wellness Retreats

Bader presents an exclusive wellness retreat designed for Men & Women seeking a deeply enriching and balanced weekend of wellness.

Dive deep into a wellbeing journey that weaves the ancient arts and modern practices, of Breathwork, Movement, and Meditation with the invigorating experience of Ice-baths and Sauna.

Delve into introspective sessions that rewire and fortify your mindset, while introducing you to innovative stress management strategies.

At Bader, we don't just offer a retreat; we offer a transformative experience. Find your calm, elevate your state, and step back into life with renewed vigor and clarity. 

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Kula Wellness:

Kula” is a Sanskrit word that means a community of like-minded & like-hearted people coming together for a common goal or purpose. An intentional community; A family.

Kula offers a thoughtful and reflective space to promote physical and mental well-being along with connection to community.

Breathe in the fresh ocean air and take in the expansive views overlooking the Tasman Sea from the clifftops of Muriwai. Only a 45min drive from central Auckland but you feel like you’re on the edge of the earth.

JOIN US 21st-23rd FEBRUARY 2025


• Single or twin share accommodations in a private Chalet or Studio Room with ocean views

• Bespoke menu of delicious healthy meals catering to all dietary requirements curated by Bader Retreats chef

• Daily movement/fitness classes with personal trainer, Richard Hackney

• Rebirthing Breathework Session with Bader Founders, Mike Wilson & Ryan Bennett

• Mindset workshop with Holistic Psychologist, Shana Michelle

• Ice, Sauna and Stress Wellbeing workshop with Wim Hof Instructor, Scott Townsend

• Saturday Night Ecstatic Dance & Dress up Party

• Complimentary wi-fi

• Access to all on-site amenities

• Retreat Recipes, post retreat workout and yoga sequence to continue your wellbeing journey into 2024 and beyond!

Guest Facilitators:

Holistic Movement Coaching:

Richard Hackney

Richard Hackney is deeply passionate about promoting well-being and dynamic movement.

With his extensive experience as a Holistic Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer, he possesses a wealth of knowledge in fostering movement that supports long-term health and sustainability.

As a father to three daughters and with three more girls from his current partner, plus a new baby on the way, Richard truly understands the importance of balancing a busy family life with the need for health, well-being, and effective stress management.

Master Practitioner of Holistic Counselling


Shanah Michele is a passionate advocate for holistic wellbeing. At the very essence of who she is, she holds a steadfast conviction in the significance of balance.

As a numerology 8, and a mental projector in the realm of Human Design, she find endless fascination in the intricate systems that operate within our bodies, minds, and realities. Observing how these states manifest and are conveyed through our communication has here in my true form “geeking out”.

Breathework Coach and Psychology Researcher


Scott is a seasoned breathework coach and psychology researcher with over a decade of experience teaching breathework to diverse individuals and organizations.

He holds four certifications in breathework teaching, including the Wim Hof Method, HeartMath, Buteyko, and Oxygen Advantage.

On a personal note, he is a father to two boys,aged 10 and 13, and resides in Matakana with his partner. Together, they run a quaint cafe and bookshop named Zen Den.

Meet the Founders:

Ryan Bennett & Mike Wilson

Welcome to Bader, a company founded by two brothers, Mike Wilson and Ryan Bennett, who have come together through a shared journey of spiritual growth, health enhancement and self-discovery.

We believe that true success in life is not just about material gain, but about making a impact enhancing the spiritual and overall wellbeing of others. We are constantly evolving and re-inventing ourselves, and we are excited to share our spiritual vision and purpose with the world through our products and services designed to promote holistic wellbeing.

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