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Bader presents an exclusive wellness retreat designed for Men & Women seeking a deeply enriching and balanced weekend of wellness.

Dive deep into a wellbeing journey that weaves the ancient arts and modern practices, of Breathwork, Movement, and Meditation with the invigorating experience of Ice-baths and Sauna.

Delve into introspective sessions that rewire and fortify your mindset, while introducing you to innovative stress management strategies.

At Bader, we don't just offer a retreat; we offer a transformative experience. Find your calm, elevate your state, and step back into life with renewed vigor and clarity. 

Date: 6pm Friday 23rd- 4pm Sunday 25th February - 2 Days/2 Nights

Location: Kula, Muriwai - Auckland

Luxury Private King Double with en-suite -  $2,497pp/Couples $1,695pp

Book for 2 for couples and $1604 discount will be added automatically.


Meet the Founders:

Welcome to Bader, a company founded by two brothers, Mike Wilson and Ryan Bennett, who have come together through a shared journey of spiritual growth, health enhancement and self-discovery.

We believe that true success in life is not just about material gain, but about making a impact enhancing the spiritual and overall wellbeing of others. We are constantly evolving and re-inventing ourselves, and we are excited to share our spiritual vision and purpose with the world through our products and services designed to promote holistic wellbeing.